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Downside Farm Livery Yard


Downside Farm is a BHS Approved establishment situated in the heart of rural Oxfordshire, with excellent access to the Downs and Ridgeway.

Downside Farm is a family managed business, offering a family friendly livery yard for both horse and owner. With over 90 acres of land for riding and grazing, we are able to offer all year turnout. We are also happy for horses to be turned out 24/7 during the summer months, which allows the owner(s) to have a well-deserved rest from mucking out during this period.

The safety, care and general well-being of all horses on livery is extremely important to us. We try to accommodate the individual needs of all the horses and owners on the livery yard were reasonably practicable.

Downside Farm is a livery yard which will appeal to a wide span of horse owners from the 'competition horse' to the 'happy hacker'.


Approved Centre 1643
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